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The truth about water softeners

People have have been asking me about #softeners over the past week. We were lucky to learn a great deal about them a few months ago during a training day with #harveyswatersofteners so here it is in a nutshell.

Myth: You can’t drink softened water?

Fact: You can drink softened water unless you have been prescribed a low sodium diet by your doctor.

Myth: Block salt softeners put salt into the water?

Fact: They do not. The salt is used in the regeneration process to swap sodium ions with mineral ions.

Myth: You can’t put softened water into a central heating system?

Fact: This is a grey area however, if your boiler has a stainless steel heat exchanger such as a #viessmann or #vaillant boiler then there is absolutely no reason not to add softened water to the system. If the manufacturer states otherwise, simply bypass the softener when filling the system.

Choose a twin cylinder softened such as a Harvey water softener or #twintec. Why? Softeners have to regenerate. If you have a single cylinder softener it will not be able to soften the water while it’s regenerating. Twin cylinders can. Not so terrible? If you allow hard water into a soft system it can take months to dispel. This makes having a softener pointless if your goals are scale reversal. #softeners #eliteforareason

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